Services Provided by Open Arms in 2019


  •  Open Arms provided a total of 14,368 individual services in 2019.

  • 60 adults and 44 children were provided with safe housing at our emergency shelter. 

  • Served 313 individuals in our Rape Crisis Program through emergency room advocacy, individual support, crisis calls and prevention presentations.  

  • Supported 251 children in Hancock County through our Child Advocacy Program and provided prevention education to 8,230 children in Hancock County. 


  • Provided assistance and education to 189 individuals in our Violence Recovery Project for offenders.  

  • 995 adults participated in our Outreach Program, including support group, individual support, legal advocacy, and emergency room advocacy.  

  • Received 1,405 crisis calls on our 24-hour crisis hotline.

  • Reached out to 763 people in Hancock County through group presentations and our community education and awareness efforts. 


  • Provided 1,493 supervised visits and 82 exchanges through our Harmony House program to 346 adults and 192 children.