Open Arms 24-HOUR Crisis Hotline: 419-422-4766

Crisis Hotline

Our phone line is answered 24 hours a day. You can be connected to an advocate who can help you sort out your immediate situation and decide if you need any of our shelter or non-shelter services, as well as give you information on other helpful community services. 

Group Support

These groups take place twice per week and offer the chance to be with other people who have experienced the same situations. Group is a powerful experience that helps survivors feel less alone and understand the situation they live in, as well as learn what has worked in other peoples’ lives. Groups are available for survivors of domestic violence and rape, as well as children who have experienced violent homes.  

Prevention and Education Program

Open Arms also provides general community education and awareness about domestic violence, rape, and surrounding issues. We will gladly provide a speaker to your group. 

Information and Referral

Even if domestic violence and rape are not what you need help with, our 24 hour phone line is available. The advocate on duty has a comprehensive guide of community resources and can help you find the assistance you need.  

Individual Support and Education

Open Arms has advocates available to provide individual assistance in understanding your situation and sorting out available choices. This service is available to survivors of domestic violence and rape, as well as their family and friends who want to know appropriate ways to assist their loved ones.  Appointments are available at a time convenient for you.   

Legal Advocacy

Contact with the legal system can be overwhelming. Although we do not provide lawyers or legal advice, advocates can help you through the court process so that you are not alone and it isn’t as overwhelming.  An advocate can make sure that you get connected to the right legal resources, that you understand the difficult language of the system and will attend appointments with you if you desire.  This service is available to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

Services for Friends and Family Members

Friends and family members need to educate themselves about domestic violence and the effects that domestic violence has on individuals. Abuse comes in many forms; physical, emotional and sexual.  The more we understand how the cycle of violence works, the better we can become at offering support to our loved ones.  Our 24-hour hotline is always available with an advocate willing to answer your questions and/or provide reading materials that will help you identify signs of abuse and ways to deal with abuse.