Child Advocacy

Our Child Advocacy Program provides individual and group support sessions with children who are have been affected by domestic violence. 

Open Arms Prevention Programming

K-12 educational programs are available to classrooms and youth groups throughout Findlay and Hancock County. All programs are free of charge. Please call 419-420-9261 to schedule programming. 

K-3rd Grade

Healthy Relationships: This program discusses what it means to have healthy relationships and talking about respect, communication, and boundaries. 
(2 days for 30 minutes)

Anger & Bullying: This program discusses healthy ways to deal with anger. It also includes the topic of bullying and how we can help ourselves/others.
(2 days for 30 minutes) 

4th–5th Grade

NEW! One Love FRIENDLETS: A workshop created by the organization One Love that focuses on the complexities of friendships through 5 short animation video clips. (2-3 days for 30 minutes)

6th-8th Grade

NEW 3rd Edition!  Safe Dates: Rated as highly effective by the CDC, this program addresses attitudes and behaviors associated with dating violence. Some topics include defining caring relationships and dating abuse, how to help friends, how to deal with anger, communication and much more! 
(3-5 days for 40 minutes)

One Love Couplets Workshop: This workshop discusses the differences between a healthy and unhealthy relationship through 8 short clip videos, highlighting some of the most common red flags in an unhealthy relationship. (2-3 days for 40 minutes)

9th-12th Grade

One Love Escalation Workshop: A powerful and engaging film-based workshop that educates individuals about the warning signs of an unhealthy and potentially dangerous relationship. (2–3 days for 40 minutes)

One Love #BehindThePost Workshop: A workshop designed by the creators of One Love, including a short film that highlights the 10 Signs of Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships, and the role social media can play. (2-3 days for 40 minutes)

NEW! One Love MVP Workshop: A film that looks at the challenges of navigating an unhealthy relationship. Main Character, Miles, tries to balance his basketball life with the possessive demands of his girlfriend, Jess. (2 days for 40 minutes)

One Love Communicating Boundaries & Consent Workshop: This program talks about what it means to have healthy communication within our relationships and establishing consent and boundaries. (1-2 days for 30 minutes)