Before electronic communication devices like the phone were available, some women who were in danger hung their clothing in specific patterns on their clotheslines. By reading the pattern on the clothesline, a passing friend could tell if help was needed or if it was safe to make a visit. The modern clothesline project seeks to imitate this history by giving women in danger a safe way to share their experiences and feelings through the shirts that they decorate.

T-shirt colors represent the kind of abuse experienced…

  • WHITE:  In memory of who lost their lives due to violence
  • YELLOW or BEIGE:  Represents those battered or assaulted
  • RED, PINK, and ORANGE:  Represents survivors of rape and sexual assault
  • BLUE and GREEN:  Represents survivors of incest and sexual abuse
  • PURPLE:  Represents women attacked due to sexual orientation
  • BLACK:  Represents women attacked for political reasons.

Locally, victims of domestic violence and sexual assault share their stories through the creation of t-shirts. This awareness display travels to several places in the community throughout the year. 

If you are interested in displaying The Clothesline Project at your organization or business, please contact Open Arms at 419.420.9261.