The Violence Recovery Project is a program that individuals attend for a variety of reasons including  court order, referral from children services, probation officer or counselor. Also, some individuals have joined group voluntarily out of a desire to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of their families. Regardless of the process that brings individuals to group, they are all there because they have inflicted some form of physical, sexual or emotional abuse against wives/husbands, partner, girlfriends/boyfriends, children, parents or other relatives or people they live with. 

Length of Time

The Program lasts 26 weeks. However, those with multiple offenses or felony referrals, and severe cases should expect to stay in the program for 52 weeks. 


Fees for the program include $30 intake fee and a $25 weekly group session fee. A sliding scale fee is also available to those who qualify. 


To schedule an intake for the program, contact Open Arms Administrative Office at 419-420-9261. An intake is required prior to attending group.